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Why Choose Foxland Precision Yo-Yos?

Let's face it. There are a lot of awesome yo-yo makers out there, and many of them have good reputations. Why would you even consider a little mom-and-pop shop like Foxland Precision? Actually, there are a lot of good reasons.

Foxland Precision yo-yos are very durable, surprisingly smooth, easy for beginners to learn, and fun for pros to use. They sleep for a long time and can be as responsive or unresponsive as you like. Overall, Foxland Precision yo-yos are well-balanced yo-yos suitable for a wide range of playing styles.

The craftsmanship is exceptional. All Foxland Precision yo-yos are made from solid aluminum billet. The mastermind behind Foxland Precision yo-yos, Alvin Rollins, has more than 25 years of experience in machining. He puts all of his skills to use in the design and manufacturing stages. The yo-yos are thoroughly tested by skilled players like Zach Smith and Charlie Byers for stability and smoothness (lack of vibe). The yo-yo designs are refined, if necessary, and tested again. We then blast or polish, anodize, and engrave the yo-yo with its name and our name and/or logo.

Generally, when you purchase a yo-yo, you are not just paying for the raw materials, packaging, and labor hours that went into making it. You are also helping to pay for their advertising, rent, payroll, and similar expenses. At Foxland Precision, we can literally count our expenses on one hand: raw materials, engraving and anodizing, inexpensive packaging and shipping, web hosting, and the equipment. We are able to sell our high-quality yo-yos inexpensively because we have very few overhead costs.

We Listen to You
Everything we learned about yo-yos, we learned from you. Just a few short years ago, we didn't really understand the difference between professional-grade yo-yos and the cheap plastic things. When Alvin was first introduced to professional yo-yoing, he sat back, took notes, then tried making his own designs. Because of your valuable feedback, we are able to create yo-yos that have received praise from many of the major players in the yo-yoing world.

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