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The Story Behind Foxland Precision

Foxland Precision is a small machine shop located in Smyrna Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. When I say small, I'm not kidding! We're talking one horse here, at least on the design and manufacturing end of the business (my wife and two sons are a big help in other areas).

I became interested in yoyos when my boys acquired some cheap ones several years ago. I'm not really sure of the brand. My journey into making yoyos began by searching yoyos on Goggle. I must say, I was totally surprised by the whole yoyo world. I found that yoyoers take the equipment they use very seriously. Just like a motocross racer wants a top-of-the-line bike, the yoyoer wants the best yoyo he can get.

I remember taking some of my early designs to the TN club meets. Thanks to Mark Allen, Brandon Jackson, Zach Smith and all of our great Tennessee yoyoers; these guys were major contributors in helping me learn what design aspects make for a good yoyo.

A couple of years later, I'm still waiting to make the big bucks! However, you can't put a price on having fun, can you? I take pride in American craftsmanship and truly believe in a "just get busy" attitude. My hand is on every Foxland yoyo, from the raw stock to the mailbox. I strive to consistently produce high quality yoyos and will continue to welcome input from you, the yoyoer.

Alvin Rollins

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